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Steps-in-the-Street (Martha Graham, 1936)


Steps-in-the-Street was one dance section (originally from six) from Graham's suite, CHRONICLE (1936).  Steps-in-the-Street was the only work that remained in Graham's repertory for many years during the '30s.  Graham eventually prohibited the work to be performed because a specific group of fans were identifying the work to  be pro-communist propaganda, which was furthest from the truth in Graham's concept and creation.  Fischer's discovery and reconstruction of this lost work transcends time, since its inception, because of its powerful artistic message.  Today the work speaks to the many issues that affect one's life.

"Chronicle traces the ugly logic of imperialism (Spanish Civil War), the need for conquest, the inevitability of the conflict, the unavoidable unmasking of the rooted evil, and the approach of the masses to a logical conclusion. It shows the brutalizations of conquest, the hypocrisy of imperialism, the marching of men without cause, without direction, masking of the memory of conflict with memorials and the taut gathering of new energies and new forces."

                         Martha Graham (1941)

Dr. Fischer's Discovery


 Dr. Fischer’s doctoral dissertation was based on a unique discovery of a 50 year-old Martha Graham dance called Steps-in-the-Street. Dr.Fischer began the reconstruction (1982) with a group of volunteer dancers (protégés of original dancers in 1936), and recreated a performance of the work at NYU's West 4th Street Theater in 1985. The rest is dance history. This work has been internationally acclaimed as one of Graham's masterpieces. Performances have been enthusiastically received at concerts and school experiences across the globe.

A video of Dr. Fischer's doctoral dissertation, based on Martha Graham’s 1936 ballet resides at Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library: Dance Collection and The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. As a result of Dr. Fischer’s discovery and completed work, was first reconstructed (1985), and then re-introduced into the Graham Repertory (1988), after a fifty-two year absence.  The current version of Steps-in-the-Street, is a revised reconstruction under the supervision and artistic approval by Martha Graham.  The original version (illustrated in the 1937 film which Dr. Fischer utilized) is different in execution.

 Dr. Fischer studied at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, the London School of Contemporary Dance: The Place and The Juilliard School. 

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The Martha Graham Dance Company performing the authorized and revised choreography by Martha Graham: STEPS-IN-THE-STREET