B a r r y F i s c h e r, Ed.D.


Experienced College Dance Educator, Director & Teacher

Modern Dance Technique Teacher/Choreographer/Concert Director/Festival Coordinator/Consultant

A vision to create a balance of traditional and contemporary trends in dance, and to synthesize the diversity of talents amongst aspiring dance students, faculty and guest artists, so that creative choreographic and performing relationships in all of the arts may be explored and experienced.

Professional Preparation and Education

· Ed.D. in Dance, New York University, Department of Dance, and Dance Education  Dissertation Title: Graham's Dance, "Steps-in- the- Street" and Selected Early Technique: Principles for Reconstructing Choreography from Videotape 

· M.F.A. in Dance, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida 

· B.S. in Dance, SUNY-College at Brockport, Brockport, NY 

· London School of Contemporary Dance, The Place, London, England, senior year independent study 

· The Juilliard School, Dance Department, New York City  

· Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance bestowed scholarship   

Teaching and Administrative Experience

· 2011 - Visiting FT Temporary Director in Dance, Central Michigan University

· 2009-2010 - Visiting Assistant Professor, Rockland Community College

· 2007-2008  -  Chair of Dance, Magnet School, Clayton County, GA

· 1995-2007  - Associate Professor of Dance, Director of FSU Dance Program, and Director of the FSU Dance Company, Frostburg State University, HPER & Division of Performing Arts/Dance Program  

· 1993-1995 - Assistant Professor, Dance Program Coordinator, Jersey City State College 

Courses Taught

· Modern Dance (All levels) 

· Choreography

· Ballet I 

· Special Topics 

· Dance Appreciation/Dance History

· Composition I, II

· Jazz Dance 

· Improvisation Fundamentals

· Dance Production 

· Repertory (personal, Jane Dudley & Martha Graham)

· Introduction to Performing Arts

Other Responsibilities and Developments 

  • Artistic Director for the RCCDCo. (2008-2009)
  • Developed “Dance Appreciation” course for GEP at RCC (2009)
  • Coordinator of FSU Dance Program 
  • Director of the FSU Dance Company (1995 to 2007)
  • Annual chaperone for dancers attending the ACDA (American College Dance Association)
  • Developed a major in dance, BA/BS, (2001), in the Division of Performing Arts
  • Festival Coordinator (2001) at Frostburg State University for the Mid-Atlantic American College Dance Festival
  • Festival Coordinator (1999) at Frostburg State University for the Mid-Atlantic American College Dance Festival
  • ACDA at FSU generated $44,000 profit for the FSU Dance Program
  • ACDA at FSU offered over 75 classed with 500 participants
  • Implemented and contracted the Martha Graham  Dance Company for the Frostburg Summer Dance Retreat (2000 & 2001)
  • Initiated Student Dance Club (Advisor)
  • Introduced ticket fees for all dance concerts allowing cash flow revenue
  • Contracted guest artists such as; Sophie Maslow, Sean Curran, Claire Porter, Frances Alenikoff, Pearl Lang, Kenneth Topping, Sun Ho Kim, Janet Eilber, Mario Camacho, Jane Dudley, Lawrence Keigwin, Lori Bellilove, Walter Dunderville, Ursula Payne, Carol Mezzacappa, Dan Wagoner, Heidi Latsky, Carmen de Lavallade , Ethel Winter, Mary Anthony, Elizabeth Auclaire, Blakeley White-McGuire, Incidents Dance  Co., Tommy Parlon, Julia Smith, to present works in the FSU Dance Concerts and Frostburg Summer Dance Retreats
  • Hired Dance Reconstructionists for: Charles Weidman's Lynchtown (1936), Jane Dudley's Harmonica Breakdown (1938), Isadora Duncan's Varshavianko (1905) and Waterstudy and Ruth St. Denis and Doris Humphrey's, Soaring (1920), and Martha Graham's (original 1936) classic, Steps-in-the-Street (see Reconstruction section)
  • Implemented live musical accompaniment for dance classes
  • Coordinated and supervised field trips to New York City and the ACDA festival, Raleigh, NC
  • Developed Dance Logo with Sweatshirt design
  • Chair of the President's Advisory Council on Diversity (PACD) 
  • 2009 -2008 (one year contract), Rockland Community College, Suffern, New York 
  • 2008-2007 (one year contract), Clayton County  Public Schools, GA.
  • Consultant for Dance Program at CCM, NJ (Dec. 2010)
  • Choreography
  • Rehearsal Director for Claire Porter's new work set on the RCCDCo
  • Personal repertory would be too long to list for this document. Choreography ranges from the light, high energized and whimsical, to the dramatic literal classic themes and personal social conscious issues of today. A variety of solo and group works for small and large ensembles to music by classical and contemporary composers: Albinoni, Canteloube, Vera Kistler, Barnard Hermann, Ray Lynch, Villa Looboos, Zap Mama, Ennio Morricone, Patsy Cline, Juaquin Rodrigo, David Sanders, Peggy Lee, Sylvester, and Laverne Baker 


Martha Graham's 1936 Dance, Steps- in- the- Street (Doctoral Dissertation; reintroduced the historic classic back into The Martha Graham Dance Company's current repertory)


Professional Memberships, Board and Committee Work

  • ACDA /  Lifetime Member, three terms Board Member 
  • ADG / American Dance Guild Board Member   
  • NASD / National Association of Schools of Dance 
  • FSU / President's Advisory Council on Diversity 
  • FSU / HPER Chair Search Committee

Performance Experience

  • Repertory works experienced by: Martha Graham, Anna Sokolow, Doris  Humphrey, Mary Anthony, Dindi Lidge, David Roche, Jane Dudley, Billie Kirpich, Nancy Smith Fichter, Dorothy Bird Villard, and Charles Weidman 
  • Dance Touring Theatre, Juilliard School 
  • Grove Danstheatre, Miami, Fl., Dance Co. 
  • Martha Graham Repertory Workshop, NYC 


  • North East Regional ACDF, Penn State University, Gala Presenter (2009) 
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional ACDA (2007)
  • West Virginia State University, Teacher. Gala Presenter (2006) 
  • ACDA, George Mason University, Faculty Teacher (2004) 
  • ACDA,  SUC at Brockport, Brockport, NY.  Teacher (2002)
  • Hosted the Mid-Atlantic Regional ACDA, Frostburg State University
  • Host Coordinator, Gala Presenter (1999 & 2001)
  • ACDA, North Carolina State, Penn State, Ohio State, Teacher 
  • National Association of Schools of Dance, ASU, Tucson, AZ  
  • American Dance Guild; Santa Barbara, CA,  Presenter of paper 
  • ACDA, BU, Boston, MA, Teacher  
  • American Dance Guild; New York City, NY,  Performer / video producer 
  • ACDA, Tempe, AZ, Teacher 
  • American Dance Guild, Miami, FL, Committee Member  
  • American Dance Guild, New York, N.Y., Committee  Member 
  • ACDA, MSU, Springfield, MO., Performer & Teacher 
  • Choreography with Anna Sokolow, 92 Street Y, New York, N.Y.
  • Mid-America Dance Network, Kansas City, MO., Performer 
  • ACDA, Fairfax, VA, Guest Teacher  
  • National Association of Schools of Dance, New Orleans, LA 
  • American Dance Guild, New York 
  • Congress on Research of Dance, New Paltz, NY.  Teacher  
  • Laban Institute of Movement Studios, B. Bird & M. North, NY  
  • Hofstra College, Dorothy Bird Villard, LI, NY 

Awards, Honors and Professional Contributions

· Community Service Advisor Recipient FSU

· Choreography Recipient at ACDA conference: Lamenting Echo (ACDA GALA,1997)

· Seduction of the Gypsy Sparrow, (ACDA GALA, 1999)

· Doctoral dissertation catalogued in the Dance Collection Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library, New York City, NY

· Donated rare film illustrating Martha Graham's 1929 masterpiece Heretic

· And clipping of Isadora Duncan arriving on Ellis Island in New York City, in 1921

· Graduate Student Organization: New York University

· Scholarship, bestowed by Martha Graham    

· Scholarship award at the Juilliard School    

· Scholarship at the Wolf Trap Summer Session

Guest Residencies

· Alma College, Alma, MI, Choreographer/Teacher

· Highland Park HS, Highland Park, IL, Choreographer/Teacher 

· Joseph Holmes Dance Company/School, Chicago, IL, Teacher 

· Kansas Dance Festival, Wichita, KS, Teacher

· Columbia College, Columbia, SC, Performer/Teacher

· Murray State College, Murray, KY, Choreographer

· SUNY at New Paltz College, New Paltz, NY, Teacher

· Turning Point Studio, Miami, FL, Modern Dance Workshops

· L'acadco Dance Co, Miami, FL, Company Teacher

· Grove Danstheatre, Miami, FL , Performer/Dance Teacher 

Studio Experience

· The Dance Space, New York, NY 

· Charles Weidman Technique, New York, NY 

· Limon Dance Institute, New York, NY 

· Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, New York, NY 

· May O'Donnell Studio, New York, NY 

· Alfredo Corvino, the Dance Circle, New York, NY 

· American Dance Center, New York, NY  

· New Dance Group, New York, NY 

Professional Projects & Contributions

· Retreat Director for Frostburg Summer Dance Retreat 2000 and 2001

·  Festival Coordinator for two Mid-Atlantic Regional American College Dance Festivals at FSU (1999, 2001)

· Co-Chair and performer for the American Dance Guild's national dance conference Masters, Mentors, Protégés: Celebrating Dance Through The Generations (New York City, June, 1996)

· Discovered rare film footage of Josephine Baker, La Meri, Martha Graham, Ned Wayburn, Isadora Duncan, Raymond Duncan, Irma Duncan, New York City Marathon Stilt Dancers, Hopi Indians, Black Aida. Selected footage has been documented for the Dance Collection, New York City Public Library



Adoptive Parent of the Year, Baltimore, MD, (2005) “Family of the Year”, (2005), Allegany County Department of Social Services, Cumberland, MD

Vita Experienced 2018 (docx)